SHINE 104.9 KEEH - Spokane
Embedded audio stream

Sample1 (recommended)
Sample2 (alternate method)
Sample3 (crude method of pulling in current song lyrics)


Development notes: consider embedding the existnig stream into your own webpage to control message and spin; and retain the customer on your site

existing/ primary stream gui / is external

existing / active icecast server for KEEH (official stream according to Kristi Browning / KEEH)
yields (shows stream does not support aac (I think) - lists current connections
this stream is used at tunein:

Sample player with flash fallback - recommended if ios compatible and iframe doesn't work out
sample alternate player

list of what is playing, on demand: - this can be used directly with javascript if player is hosted on else, if player is on another domain, access 'what is playing' list Cross domain with
sample php pulling active song from icecast server: - float to top - float to top, hide tunein branding

spreadsheet jsonp